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Goddess Circle

In this 3-part Event we will explore the Goddesses of the Upper Traingle: the 4th, 5th & 6th Chakras.  

You will learn about each Chakra and the Goddess that Governs the Chakra. We will do a meditation during the meeting and every day between meetings to enliven the quality of that Goddess within.


"Goddesses of the Upper Triangle was uplifting & enlightening. I now have new tools that I will use for my personal practices as well as when teaching"

 ~Tricia S. 


In this group you will learn about:

  • Lackshmi and the Heart Chakra

  • Saraswati and the Throat Chakra

  • Kali and the Third eye

You will also learn:

  • A Kriya-based (aka breath & mantra) meditation that you will do daily to enliven the quality of each Goddess within you

  • The why behind the practices we are doing

Each person will experience the pratice differently - the intention is for you to have an expereince of practicing every day and seeing what practice most aligns for you - and hopefully you will be inspired to continue after the workshop is complete.


Dates: Stay tuned for the dates of the next Circle

Location: In-person group 1837 Iron Point Rd #120  in Folsom or ONLINE VIA ZOOM

Limited to 6 people in-person (Unlimited Online)

Investment $120

Comments from past members after doing their daily practice:

I felt "energized, electrified & locked my 3rd eye" -Tricia

"This mantra makes me feel a wave of emotions that feels like a deepening of my soul" -Olivia

"Hope" - Lisa

"Stillness" -Gina

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