Weekly Kriya Yoga, Breathwork & Meditation Classes!

*calm the mind, reset the nervous system and step into inner stability & peace with breath & mantra kriya

Practice with Anjali on Instagram @_theawakelife

  • She will post one 15-20 minute Kriya Class each week. 

  • The class will be livestreamed on Sunday evening & will be posted for you to practice along with for that week.

  • The more you practice the set, the more of an impact you will expereince.

  • Each class has a specific intention. 

  • The practices are usually seated and can be done in any clothing.


Anjali will also be sharing the history, wisdom & the why behind kriya yoga on this account as well as her Vedic Astrology insights. 

Himalayan Kundalini Flow:

This class integrates kriya, breathwork, mantra, and vinyasa - the intention is to release stuck energy, heal the body, open the heart and awaken consciousness. 

Zuda Yoga - 220 Blue Ravine in Folsom

Just show up for class or