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"You are fabulous! You're an amazing (somehow this word isn't enough but I can't find another one) teacher and leader. Sedning love and hugs your way. From your new student who has been in a lotta yoga classes over the last 25 years and is really, really picky about the energy of a teacher. you're sparking a light in so many" - Kim C

Testimonial mentor cl: "Thank you again! It was really good to see you and I know this is exactly what I need - Diana C

Retreat Guest "I would have never joureyed here without  your help, insporation and transformation. I am eternally grateful for you" Debbie F

Test Ast Read "thank you for a great session. It was enightening & calming. Helps me to have faith in myself" Michele (chand)

Testimonial classes

"I just wanted to say thanks again for leading such an amazing TT. It really means a lot and I often think about how incredibly grateful I am for the experience. I feel so uch more confident in my teaching after learning from you" Kailey:

"loved your beautiful. when i feel yoga, it's what you do. thank you" lydia

"Thank you for teaching me how to teach yoga, breathwork & meditation. It's ben a lif changer and I so appreciate it". Jen W

"Just wanted to tke a moment and thankyou for this morning. I wasn't sure what to expect but class was amazing. I elt so grounded and at ease all day" Allison A

"Than you so much for such a wonderful class today! I feel so good" Cori F

"I freaking loved your class today! I love that you guide the class so intuitively, like being open to where it takes us" Tasha

"I am feeling so much peace and contentment since completing the program. serciously brought so much clarity" Kim s

"I just wanted to say that I found this recording fascinating...about how meditation affects the brain. love the way you relate/speak" -carmen


"this course has truly deepened my practice to a level I was longing for"

""Anjalis depth of knowledge for chakras, kriyas & meditation is inspiring! she creates workshopos that are supportive & acessible for beginners & advanced learners alike. She is a bright light; a warm, welcoming spirit who provicdes a fun & supportive learning environment. I cant recommend her enough"

"Goddesses of the Upper triangle workshop was uplifting & enlightening. I have new tools that I will now use for my personal practice as well as when teaching"

""everything from this course has filled a deep longing I was carrying" kim

"I'm so grateful for you and the fact that I followeed my heart and took the leap into yoga techer training with you. The ripple effect of my time with you is immeasurable. I'm a better mom and partner, for sure. Thank you, thank you, thank you. All my love" -Heather Y.

Most Recent testimonials in brown (older in white)

FROM med/godess circles: comments after practice: comforted, joy, floating, ease; inspired, fulfilled, strong, confident

from jyotish: "thank you for taking the time to do my chart - it helped a lot" Jen

from yoga student: thank you anjali - your guidance this morning touched my sould and heart so deeply. I am grateful for your guidance

From Jyotish client "Thank youf or the amazing insightful, full of hope reading and guidance. I feel like my shoulders are lighter and another level of healing from my heart"

From 100 hour tt "Love the teachings you shared and how you hold the space for us. And also howyou threw us right into teaching. I feel very inspired. thank you"

From Jyotish "Thank you so much. That was amazing and you are amazing". 

From custom mala: "I just received my mala. Thank you! It is perfect!"

For Jyotish: "thank you so much for my readying today!! It was amazing and you are amazing" -katie

1. A student after a meditation Anjali recorded for her "I just got done. wow! That was really beautiful,. I like this mantra you chose for me. I feel peace and calmness, which I needed. Thank you"

-from TT student: " I was at the lowest point in my adult life and teh TT pulled me through Thank you for giving me the tools I needed to come through to the othr side"

-from TT student" your TT saved my life - I don't know where I'd be if I hadn't done it.I was able to pull out of a dark place b/c of it. And I continue to use the tools I learned to help me now. I will be forever grateful'

-from meditation student "I just had an amazing session. After just 5 days of committing to breathwork I have so many ideas flooding me for my business. I am living n that yoga hight moment right now.

-just wanted to let you know I did the breathing exercise this morning and I felt super energized. It was great

-"just wanted to thank you for today's kriya class. I twas awesome. Got rid of my headache and it energized me. 

1. I  am loving the mala...thank you so much 

2. Christyne from Chakra Class after 1st week of doing daily practice : " I am noticing a huge difference this week. extremely proactive and less timid. I finally felt the energy yesterday. I also noticed it in my yoga practices"

3. "I absolutely LOVE this mala and all the stones you chose and their meanings. thank you again"

4 "My mala" practice is going beautifully! With the mala beads at first my mind wondered throughout. so i decided to feel each bead and concentrate on that as well as the mantra-day three I found it flowing = i just love the feel of these beads! They are truly infused with good energy"

"5. about japa practice: "It is going well! I am beginning to feel more grounded and the looseing up of unhealthy attachments"

-6. "i love my new bracelet mala" kari M

7. "I love my new mala so much" 

8 "thank you for eveerything. I love my mantra. I had such an epic experience - it's literally life changing and I am so grateul Lisa

9. "When i felt your presense on sunday I instantly started crying. I'felt instantly connected to you...thank kyou for sharing aall that you have - you're amazing

10. "I practiced a mantra yesterday foir the first time..I love that you illuminated this powrful yet simple technqque. 

-Mala : "mom, I feel like it has energy" (Lynn's son)

11 .T: Kate: "I just finished my first private every. It was awesome and imperfect and fun and we played with new poses  with breathwork and and it was great. I am so happy and thank you so much for speaking with me last week 

-12. Meditation: Over teh last week I've committed more energy to doing mantra meditation and I'm seeing the benefits. Thanks for continuing to be an inspiration" Dawn F

13. I remember the first time I was told to shake, it was in my yoga teacher training - thanks @dr., I thought she was crazy and I did not really shake. For all of you that think this is a little crazy - I see you and if you're ever feeling down, tired, sad andgry - one minute of shaking it off will turn around your moon: FROM A STUDENT  who posted an iig video on shaking - shaking is what I teach in YTT 

14. "my mala has helped me show up for my meditation. It is the perfecct amount of time and I like the freedom of not needing to set a timer. Meditation is a struggle for me, but since you made my mala I have yet to miss a morning It's how I start each ay. Instead of reaching for my phone when I waske up I reach for my mala. It's been a priceless change for the better. thank you Anjali"

“Cathy is an amazing teacher! She is an authentic being who brings forth the totality and wholeness of what yoga encompasses. She not only brought the educational component to the classroom, she created a space where I was able to experience yoga in its fullest.”  – Michelle H.

"Thank you for helping me reach my "true" potential..."  – Lisa S. 

"Just wanted to say thank you. You are a very reassuring presence and wise counsel to me and I appreciate you". -Paula D.

"I find kriyas, thus far, the most exciting component of my practice. They are truly liberating! You have opened up a world of possibilities to my yoga practice. I am blessed for knowing you!" -Luis R. 

"This was such a life changing experience. Cathy is an amazing teacher can't wait to study with her more" -Monique R.

"I love all of this. And I did my Bliss and Abundance Meditation today. I think I might be doing it the rest of my life" -Brenda S.

"Thanks so much many wonderful connections are being made and manifestations are coming to fruition in ways i would have never thought of that have immense soul value/rewards. Thank you for being a mentor and bright light in my life. Side note since starting training ... i just realized yesterday I don’t even listen to the radio in the car anymore when i am alone. I embrace silence now more than I ever have in my life. It is amazingly centering......thank you for teaching me the value of silence or at least helping me find it in my journey." Lori C.

“Cathy Connors is a masterful teacher and her program takes students to a level they may have never thought possible.” – Barbara R.

“Thank you for all your encouragement and support these last few months. I haven’t verbalized it but I have really grown in my confidence and that’s a big deal for me” - Melissa

"Cathy is a truly insightful, generous and enthusiastic teacher. With her formal training and qualifications along with her extensive yoga education and experience, make for a wonderful training program! Thank you!" James L.

"Energy broke open over this weekend and I am just flowing these classes and integrating Kriya with ease. I know I have a lot of practice to do, but so excited!!! Thank you again for a weekend of freedom and empowerment" - Jenn F 

"Cathy Connors Yoga Teacher Training provided an amazing mix of theory and practice, yoga principles and asana refinement. The focus on community was evident throughout and enhanced my personal experience. Weeks after the training, I continue to find myself reflecting on the power of our activities and discussions" -Elizabeth E.

“Cathy has a magnetizing effect on those around her. She lives her life with total integrity and brings extreme authenticity and honesty to her teacher training, inspiring the students and people around her. [...] One indication of the quality of Cathy's teacher training is the strength of the bonds formed by the students. As one of sixteen students in her course, I can confidently say my classmates are among the most trusted and trustworthy people I know.” – Jason M.

"I wanted to reach out to say thank you for last Saturday. I have been on a "high" since then - it has motivated me to begin daily meditation and I feel comfortable, right and excited about the direction my life is heading. Thank you so much for your kindness and compassion to everyone who was present" -Mary H. 

"Cathy Connors is such an inspirational yoga teacher. Her program was in-depth with yoga philosophy, asana, history and breath work. She is truly a dedicated professional that ensures that student get well rounded education on all areas of yoga. I particularly loved her training on meditation and breath work. Absolutely the best teacher for yoga"  - Lucinda R. 

"This was a life changing experience. [...] Beyond the education, I had a life altering experience which was guided by the most passionate yogi I know. I'm so honored to have had this experience and would highly recommend her training and workshops to anyone interested in expanding their horizons."  – Amy E.

"I am in constant awe of Cathy. I first met Cathy as a student on my mat. At the time, she was unaware how her teachings had reached me, and I kept coming back for more. Never had I experienced such compassion, such understanding, and such acceptance from simply listening to someone speak. Whether she knew it or not she was speaking to my soul.  This is the way I witness any others experience Cathy. Her heart radiates out of her at every encounter. I knew I needed more.  I have since journeyed with Cathy through two retreats and through her teacher training program and through her unwavering support of my journey into my own radiance. Every step of the way knowing that Cathy was with me. Her teachings are never with a rule that must be followed or the "should do's" but with simply (not so simply) being a constant light, a pillar of support, and a reminder that I am not alone. Her love and deep devotion are inspiring and have transformed my life. I am not a different person than I was when I first came to my mat in Cathy's class, but I am now all of myself. There is no more hiding . I am seen, and I will forever be grateful to Cathy for standing beside me as I cam into my light" Casey S. 

"Cathy you're such a brave, passionate, loving, innovative, resourceful, courageous woman. I feel uplifted in your presence. Yes, really! I am thrilled, honored, humbled, and blessed to be in this training." Sabrina W. 

Cathy’s YTT 200 was incredible. It was beyond what I could’ve hoped for. Certainly, I learned all the things I expected to learn – the names of the asanas, how to sequence poses, how to call students into the “shapes” of each pose, and many other things that are typical of a yoga teacher training, but I gained so much more than a deeper knowledge of yoga. I found my voice in Cathy’s training. I learned to trust myself, in class as an instructor and in my everyday life. My confidence level on and off the mat has skyrocketed. YTT was an emotional experience for me, but Cathy held space beautifully. I felt completely supported, but I was also gently pushed outside of my comfort zone – and I am so grateful for the “nudge”. It has been life changing. I highly recommend her training and look forward to taking more with her! Lauren H

"Thank you so much for being you. These last three weeks have been some of the hardest in my life and your energy last night was so bright to me. You said multiple things that my heart has been whispering to me for a long time. Thank you for sharing......Thank you for allowing the universe to.....,speak through you directly to my spirit". Tirzah P. 

"I wanted to acknowledge your genius and insight in addressing the discussion on Saturday. I appreciated the space you held for all involved to have their own experience and then was blown away by the activity to follow. It's pretty amazing being in this process. The power of your activity was healing for many". Elizabeth E. 

“One of the many things I love about Your OM Time is the chanting of OM's at the beginning. Having Cathy's voice meshed with mine makes me feel more grounded, and part of a real community.”  – Jenna D.

“It can be difficult at times to maintain a constant routine of meditation as life gets in the way. Fortunately, Cathy's Your OM Time live streams have been a godsend in the times where I was feeling off track. My daily meditation and breathwork (kriya) is now a treasured part of my day and I am so grateful to Cathy for creating this tool, and inspiring me to give this consistent gift to myself.”  – Heather M."With the guidance of Master Teacher Cathy Connors, Your OM Time has given me the tools to improve my yoga practice. Whether practicing live with Cathy or on my own time, Your OM Time's guided meditations, pranayama, kriyas and asana help me stay grounded every day. I encourage you to join and begin receiving the benefits that will change your life."  – Kelley M. 

"I can never ever imagine words that could thank you from the deepest part of my everything.”  –  Q.F.

"Your TT changes lives.”  – F.E. 

"She is such a genuine and authentic yogi and I truly value her presence."  – Shelby E.

"Cathy Connors is an amazing teacher."  – Lesa P.

"Cathy Connors teaches with all of her heart and her soul, and brings an extraordinary level of wisdom into her teacher training."  – Natalie B.

"So grateful for your teachings... this experience was life-changing.”  – H.M.

"Thank you so much for an amazing heart opening journey. You are truly amazing.”  – M.R.

"Thank you for being an inspiration to me. Thank you for all your words of wisdom you confidently speak from your strong and soft heart.” – L.C.

"Cathy is like no other teacher I have encountered, she lead and taught us, but also fully engaged and transformed with us. Proving that we are all going through transformation, time and time again.  I have learned such an incredible amount from Cathy in what was ultimately only a couple of weekends, but the lessons will stick with me through my lifetime. I will never be the same as the day I walked through those doors, and am so grateful for that!" – Carly B.

"Cathy is a genuine individual with a beautiful heart, keen intuition, and openness to helping each person with their own individual journey."  – Sarah G.

"I've had the opportunity to take several classes and workshops with Cathy, all of which were amazing, but the yoga retreat I attended in summer 2015 that she co-coordinated really impacted my life. I'd been struggling for about a year and a half after repeated tragic and traumatizing events that left me feeling broken and hopeless... not to mention incredibly guarded. The retreat helped me to remove the walls I'd built up around me and take the steps needed to open up my heart again. Through the journaling, group discussions/activities, meditation, and physical practice, I realized that in this life we will all be faced with events that may cause us to feel the world is an unsafe place and that being vulnerable is too risky, but regardless of the armor we keep up we cannot keep the ups and downs of life from happening. What's important is to let go of fear and live your truth, which for me is having an open heart. I know that each person's experience on this retreat was different but the one commonality we all had was the gratitude to Cathy for her wisdom, support and guidance. She is truly a bright light in this world and I couldn't begin to thank her enough for the difference she has made in my life."  –Amy

"I enjoyed learning yoga in a very forgiving and undemanding environment."  – Joanne O.

"Great practice, great teacher."  – John O.

"I had the pleasure to be part of a yoga retreat in Costa Rica led by Cathy. The experience can only be described as 'beyond all expectations'. Loved it!!"  – Ina

"Knowledge, educated, safe. Great person to explore your yoga path with."  – Susan L.

"Cathy's teaching brought a significant impact into my life. Her ability to clearly instruct, observe, provide positive encouragement and honest feedback during teacher training helped me develop my own practice, expand personal growth and achieve my ultimate goal   of teaching yoga."  – Lisa M.

"Hey Cathy! Just wanted you to know that I felt so good last night and today! Was super calm and super creative at work! Thank you so very much for sharing your gift. I feel so lucky to have this experience with YOU."  – C.F.

“I want to say thank you so much for all your help, guidance, patience and encouragement.  I am happier than I’ve ever been. I wouldn’t be at this point without your help."  – T.D.

"Cathy Conners is an intuitive, compassionate, and empowering Master yoga teacher that knows how to weave a practice to get  into your heart, soul, and consciousness. She is authentic, real, and accessible on every level. 
Spending a week in Bali with her, elevated my awareness, first and always as a student, and secondly, as a yoga teacher, for great expansion and growth. Deeply grateful for my connection to Cathy and highly recommend her fun and inspiring yoga retreats. You will find a new freedom while relaxing in a beautiful destination, dining on great cuisine, and enjoying many activities that are all part of the wonderful journey. "  – Karen (Kitty) S. Miami, Florida 

"Thank you Cathy! I'm a newbie to this and came with an open mind. I am enjoying this journey. I appreciate are truly inspiring" Johneen T.

"I have been growing by leaps and bounds, feeling so happy and loving for myself and others. It seems like I'm truly finding myself and my purpose. The many things I'm able to do music which has always been a reflection of my spirit..I feel very powerful yet humbled at the same time...thank you for helping me break free from my mental prison" Otis B. 

"Thank you Cathy for introducing Kriya and daily meditation to my practice. All the Kriya's we did in our practice, and the information you gave us, resonated as "truth" in me. I've been to many different meditation practices and different styles over 25+ years and the Kriya's will definately be integrated into my practice. My mom used to tell me you need to work out every day. "it's like brushing your teeth", it needs to be your daily routine so when you said that to the class we need to meditation daily (It's like brushing your teeth), it was like my mom speaking to me again through divine grace. It has changed the way I think and do, less worry, less reactive, less more joy, calm, and prece. You're amazing and keep doing what you are doing. We all need this practice in our daily lives". Victoria R. 

"Thank you for guiding me into a very blissful moment today....I"m hooked on Meditation!" Julie B

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