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Meditation Circles

Anjali has created these circles to guide and support you on your meditation journey!

If you are ready to learn meditation or get consistent with your meditation practice-and awaken to the wisdom within you join us!

Anjali teaches Breath, Mantra and Kriya based meditations which calm the mind, reset the nervous system, and tap into bliss consciousness.

These circles happen every month ONLINE & IN-PERSON  - Next Dat TBA.

Ready to get started now? Schedule a Meditation Mentorship with Anjali!


"Anjali's depth of knowledge is inspiring! She creates workshops that are supportive & accessible for beginners & advanced learners alike. She is a bright light; a warm, welcoming spirit that provides a fun & supportive learning environment,"-Tasha


In this group you will learn:

  • How to set up your meditation space

  • How to sit comfortably

  • When to meditate

You will also learn:

  • A Kriya-based (aka breath & mantra) meditation that you will do daily

  • The why behind the meditation Anjali teaches (how it impacts the mind, body & spirit)

Dates: We meet 3 consecultive Wednesdays: 

Time:  6:45-8 PM 


Location: In-person group 1837 Iron Point Rd #120

Folsom, CA or ONLINE via ZOOM

*we will meditate daily in this group (you can meditate at any time w/ the recorded video & there will be 2 live meditations via zoom/week

Limited to 6 people in-person (Unlimited Online)

Investment $108

*keep scrolling to enroll, find out more & for the alumni program details


Meditation doesn't work unless you are consistent!


In this group you will receive the support you need to show up for yourself!


You will also learn a technique that will help you to silence the mind.


Benefits of meditation:

Increased Joy

Less Worry

Better Focus

More Peace

Increased Self Awarness

Awaken Unity Consciousness

It isn't easy to sit with yourself but it is possible and in time it will get easier to sit with yourself and something you will actually begin to crave.

I just had an amazing meditation session. After just 5 days of committing to breathwork I have so many ideas flooding me for my business. I am living n that yoga high moment right now.

-Kim S. 


To support you on your meditation journey after the program....

  • You are invited to join the live meditation sessions of the future circles at no charge.

  • You will receive a 2-session "Custom Daily Practice" for $108 (normally $150). In these session Anjali creates a meditation practice specifically for you! 

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