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Kriya “How To’s” for Teacher Training Groups

Seated Mantra Kriyas:

Aham Brahmasmi - soft

Aham Prakasha - soft

Aham Prema - soft

Alak Nirinjan - strong

Aham Buddha - soft

Brahma (sat chit akan Brahma)

Boom Shankara - strong

Chakra Balancing

Chakra Trikana Bhanda - meditative

Hari Hari -strong 

Hat -strong (can do standing)


Kali 1, 2


Maha Shakti

Medicine Buddha

Om Namo Narayanaya - meditative

Om Nama Guru Dev Namo - strong

Pancha Prana - Prana Vayu Strong

Prana Vayu Soft

Saraswati - meditative

Sat Chit Ananda - soft

Shiva Shakti - strong

Sri Yantra - soft

Seated Pranayama Kriyas:

Agni Sar -cleansing

Agya Awakening - strong

Brain Bija

Chakra Chalanda - strong (can do standing)

Cleanse and Activate -strong

Cleansing Nauli -cleansing (can do standing)

Cosmic Breaths

Spinal Breath

Ego Conquorer

Lama - cleansing/strong

Prana Shakti -strong

Shiva Kriyas 1, 2, 3 - strong


Standing Mantra Kriyas:

Bimha: Hat Hat Har - strong

Breaking the Shakles

Dance of the Shakti

Green Tara - medatative

Hanuman - can do seated

Har Har Har Mahadev - strong

Hari Om Ma


Standing Pranayama Kriyas:


Awakening of the Estatic Hear

Garuda - soft

Levitating light body - soft

Prana Vayu Breath - strong

Prana Vayu Breath 2 - strong
Shooting Star - soft

Warrior Breaths - strong

Laya & Sufi:

Blooming Lotus

Chi Movements/Breath




Frequently Asked Questions 


What if I have never meditated before?

No problem. We will teach you how to meditate.


What if I am not practicing yoga a lot?

No problem. Part of this journey is for you to have an immersion into yoga. You DO NOT have to have a lot of experience with yoga. We can also suggest practices to do prior to the trip to prepare if you'd like. 

What if I never traveled out of the country before?No problem. You will have to get a passport and visa. We can help you with where to get those things.


What about food allergies?

Let us know your food requirements and we will do our best to accommodate you.

What if I want to come alone and don't have someone to room with?

No problem. We will place you with someone who will be a good fit for you. Lifelong friendships have been made on these trips. 

NO PROBLEM is a phrase you hear a lot while in India....and a phrase I live by....

Other questions that may come up:

What clothes should I bring? What shots should I get? How will I communicate with my family while I am gone? What time shall I arrive? What airline should I take? 

All of these questions will be answered in an information packet once you sign up. And we will schedule "meet and greets" with retreat participants prior to the trip. (in person or Zoom calls)

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