7 Day evening Sadhana for Emotional Stability:

December 1-8

The holidays are a wonderful time, but can also be challenging.

It is a time when many give up the self-care rituals that are so important during this time of year 

Join me for a 7 day meditation practice where we will do a KRIYA for emotional stability.

This kriya is powerful in terms of rewiring the brain and calming the nervous system. What does this mean for you? 

Feeling more grounded, less anxious, and better able to release thoughts so you can sleep well. 


Initial meeting december 1st 7 pm: Education about what Kriya is and how it can help you!

December 2-6:  20 minute Kriya practice 8:30 pm

December 7th: Final Meeting to discuss the impact!  7 pm

Online or in the studio:

*If you cannot make the 8:30 time, the video will be up online so that you can join in at a time that is convenient for you! 


*the most important knowing is through experiencing - show up for yourself and notice the impact in your life!