31 DAY Sadhana for SELF LOVE!

If you are ready for a true transformation join me to do the practices I do in my life to maintain stability and inner peace - despite the external circumstances!  


EXPERIENCE THE POWER OF A CONSISTENT YOGA PRACTICE! This isn’t your usual yoga asana practice. This will be a 5 day a week 90 minute morning Sadhana (spiritual practice) that incorporates meditation, breathwork, kriya and yoga asana.

“When you shift what is happening internally, the external will automatically shift!”. Most people spend their whole lives trying to control the external, but the thing is, the external is always changing - so why not spend a month working on shifting your internal environment and see the radical change that happens inside of you! 

A Sadhana is the highest form of self-devotion as you are giving yourself the gift of attention and it is from that space that every answer you are seeking will arise. Sadhana also means to tune - when you tune - you are tuning your instrument (your body) to the highest vibration. When you do this on a consistent basis your life will radically change for the better. You will feel more energized, clear, alive, empowered and at peace.

This 31 Day Commitment to yourself will be challenging for sure, but I know if you are reading this you are READY!

In addition to the practice there will be a few other changes you will make in your life during the month of January to experience a profound shift mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. 

Time You Will Commit to YOUR EVOLUTION:

Sunday January 29th 3-4:30pm PST - 1st Meeting

*At this meeting you will be given a few things to do to prepare for your Program!

January 6th-31st 5-6:30am PST: Daily Sadhana (Yoga & Meditation Practices)  

If you cannot make this time, the video will be saved for you to do at a time that works for you.

Weekly Meetings Wednesday 7:30-8:30 PM for all of January

1st Meeting January 8th

Closing Meeting (Private) with Anjali

Anjali will meet with you to discuss your next steps and to give you an individualized practice tailored to your specific needs moving forward. Time will be set with you individually. 

"If you want to experience a radical change you have to make a radical change!" 

KRIYA is a big part of the morning practice - if you have never experienced it before it can feel a little different, but it is one of the most powerful yogic tools I have experienced and it is so FUN to practice! Your energy will quickly shift if you allow yourself to be in it fully. The other cool thing about Kriya is that the repetitive mantra and breath in kriyas rewire the brain and resets the nervous system, thereby making it easier to create new patterns in your life! Learn more here! Or join me to experience it! 

Investment: $500

Program Includes:

All yoga practices!

Weekly Meetings!

Goal Setting in areas of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health. 

Handcrafted mala from India that has been dipped in Ma Ganges $88 value

Private Session $150 Value