The person you are meant to learn from and work with is something you just know on an intuitive level. It has nothing to with how they look or the degrees they hold, but rather the connection you feel when you are in their space. If we are meant work together you will just know it in your heart, so reach out and let's talk. It would be my greatest joy to support you in waking up to and trusting your intuition fully. I see myself as a guide who will support you, be a mirror for you, and hold you accountable to show up for yourself in the way you deserve. CONTACT ME to scheduel a free 10 mnute phone consult. 


I have spent many years walking the spiritual path and I share what I have learned with you. I have also expereinced many challenges in my life and draw upon that experience to guide you on your journey. I spent over 20 years in private practice as a psycholgoist and have seen the immense capacity people have to create change. I believe in you and will support you fully as you navigate your own unique journey. In my work I use a lot of tools from the yogic tradition: mindfulness, breathwork, sound vibration, meditation, and KRIYA (repetative breath and mantra). These practices awaken intuition, increase self compassion, and empower you to make change. They also help calm the nervous system and rewire the brain, thus making it easier to sustain the changes you want to make. 

Read on for more about my journey and if you feel called to work with me, trust that and reach out. Sending love, Anjali, Psychologist, Yoga Teacher

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Anjali has always been one to follow her Dharma, which to her means following your heart and living from your truth. She did this even before she new what Dharma meant, and before she had her spiritual awakening at age 27. At that time she had just completed her doctorate in psychology and was working as a legal secretary to make ends meet.  A friend introduced her to meditation and she experienced divine love for the first time. It was such a high and she wanted more. But life took over and she abandoned the spiritual path when she moved to Sacramento for her dream job, working at a college counseling center.


There was a big hole in her life; she missed having a spiritual connection and community. She dove into her work, seeing many cleints at Sacramento State and in her private practice. In her free time she "filled space" with rowing, running and triathlons. She got married, had two kids and told herself she was satisfied. But deep down she knew she something was missing.


At age 40, soon after her divorce, she stepped into her fist power vinyasa yoga class. She loved the powerful movements and flow; and when the teacher started playing Krishna Das at the end of class, she was hooked - she had found her spiritual home. She immediately signed up for teacher training and began teaching in 2009. She continued to take additional trainings and opened a studio in 2012. She still didn't understand how yoga was different than self help; she was craving answers and in 2013 they came. She met Kia Miller who was doing a training in India and despite never having a desire to travel to India she just knew she had to go. It was there that she met her Guru Anand Mehrotra, founder of Sattva Yoga. 


She fell in love with the teachings and has traveled back to India 7 additional times to study. Sattva Yoga has been her connection back to her spirit, her heart and what she is meant to share. It is in meditation, breathwork and kriya that she is able to connect to divine grace - that high she felt at age 27. These practices are like no other and she knows with her whole being that when she is teaching that is what she is meant to be doing on this planet. 

Yoga is a pathway to more joy, connection, love and the ability to be with all experience. When you work with Anjali your external world will shift, but more importantly your internal world will shift. When you have the ability to be at peace with yourself, life becomes a lot more fun. 

On a personal level, Anjali loves hanging with her teenage boys, paddle boarding and playing with her new puppy

Trainings & Education:


Satttva Yoga Master Training May 2019 & November 2016 with Anand Mehrotra

Rishikesh, India

Sattva Yoga 300-Hour YTT March 2015 with Anand Mehrotra, Rishikesh, India

Radiant Body (Kundalini) 200 Hour YTT with Kia Miller, Rishikesh, India

Baron Baptiste Power Vinyasa Training - Levels 1, 2, 3 2009-2013

Tyler Langdate 100-Hour Vinyasa Training - 2011 Sacramento, CA

Jai Uttal Kirtan Chant Camp - 2011

Johnny Kest 20 Hour Training - 2010, Sacramento, Ca 

Zuda Yoga 200 Hour Power Vinyasa Training

Psychology License #16017 (CA) 1998

MA & PsyD Clinical Psychology 1995

California School of Professional Psychology

BA UC Santa Barbara 1989

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