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*Whether you want to teach, deepen your practice or simply learn more about yoga, this will be a life transforming experience.

*It is so important during these times to have a practice to find inner stability and peace. Yoga is that practice! In this program you will learn the tools of yoga, as well as work on your own Self-development, Healing and Empowerment.

Be a CHANGE-MAKER and join us! 

*This training will be like no other - we will practice together daily and meet additionally on the weekends. It will be an opportunity to dive deep into your practice - as it is your practice that will lead you to

how you are meant to share the teachings.



$3000 if pay in full

Included in Cost:

This is That Book

YTT Manual 

Surprise Gift

*Payment plans are available.

*If you need a partial scholarship message Anjali.


This is a Sattva Yoga & Vinyasa Inspired YTT

Anjali has take a number of YTT's In Vinyasa Yoga, Kundalini Yoga & Sattva Yoga 

She shares all she has learned with you!

This will be the 13th YTT that she has led. Each training is unique and special because of the students that show up!  The training is always evolving because that is what this path is about - EVOLUTION!


This training is about you and your evolution as a teacher, leader, healer and person!  

In an environment of support, we will dive deep into the whole practice of yoga - mental, physical, energetic, and spiritual.  

If your heart is whispering yes, don't doubt it!

Sign up today or reach out to talk with Anjali. 

Many of the folks from our last YTT are already teaching! Yes, your life can change that quickly! 


Check out more Testimonials Here

PLEASE NOTE: It can be scary to commit to a YTT - it is a lot of time and energy, but it is worth it! It is a commitment to yourself and your evolution - a courageous step in transforming your life and impacting others!

This YTT is a deep dive into yoga on and off the mat: an overview of the vast knowledge yoga offers us.

Most students that have taken my YTTs discover what lights their heart up about yoga and many are teaching. For final projects students have taught vinyasa classes, Kriya-based classes, yin classes, and meditations. It is such a gift to see how the teaching flows through each student - and it may surprise you what you discover about yourself during this journey. if you are reading this, you are ready. Reach out with questions and cannot wait for our adventure together. 

If you want to take a portion of this training and have it count toward your 300 hour contact Anjali  

*The 300 hour YTT begins in August

Guest Teachers:


*For every YTT I have ever led there

are always surprise guest teachers as well - we are always in the flow.


Physical Body:

Asana/physical poses

-Alignment & basic anatomy

-Overview of Yin Yoga & Restorative Yoga (what it is and where to do additional training if you want to specialize in this)


Additional Yogic Practices you will learn

Pranayama techniques

-Kriya's: repetative breath & mantras 



*powerful techniques for healing the body on all levels - mental, physical, emotional, energetic & spiritual.

Energetic Body:

-Chakras & Nadis


-Pancha Pranas 

*you will learn about how practice impacts the brain and nervous system. 


You will come out of this training with all the tools you need to teach a physical yoga class, as well as incorporating kriya, breathwork and meditation.

You will learn how to:

-cue the asana and the breath during class

-sequence poses

-use music and silence

-understand the power of your presence as a teacher and leader and how to use

that during a class

-find your voice as a teacher

-how to teach to groups & privates


Yoga Sutras: 8 limb path 



Basics of The Gita



How to use yoga in your daily life.

Business of Yoga.

Exploration of your own personal journey.

Teaching special populations: overview for beginners, those with physical injuries and

limitations; prenatal, trauma

Introduction to Ayurveda


Baron Baptiste - journey into power

This is That: Yoga Sutras Pada 1 & 2 by Anand Mehrotra

*your choice of one elective book (you will be given a list to choose from)

Invest in You!


$3000 if Pay in Full

*Payment Plans Available

*Message Anjali if you have questions or would like to apply for a partial scholarship 

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