Jyothish: Vedic Astrology

Vedic Astrology, also known as Jyotish, is a beautiful way to understand your soul's journey through time. Your natal chart is unique to you! It is a snapshot of the celestial sphere at the time of your birth and gives us a glimpse into your gifts and your soul's journey through time. 

A reading is a wonderful way to gain clarity, understanding and guidance about how to navigate the current times from a place of empowerment and ease. 

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Deluxe Reading

This is a multi-session reading. 

The first session is 90 minutes. Anjali will go over your natal chart (your sun, moon, rising sign, houses,) as well as look at how the celestial sphere is impacting your currently (your dasha period and relevant transits).

In this session she will also share upayas: yogic practices such as breath, mantras or kriyas that will be supportive for you during this time period. She will record this pratice for you and be available via text for daily check ins to support you in staying consistent in your practice!

The second  and third sessions will be a follow up to answer queestions, share more about your chart, current transits and additional practices.

You can schedule the follow up sessions anywhere from 1 month to 6 months after the 1st session. 


Full Reading + Follow Up 

In this 90 minute reading Anjali will go over your natal chart with you and share with you how the current celestial shphere is impacting you. 

During the reading Anjali will also give you a yogic practice that will be supportive in navigating the current cycle you are in with more ease. This practice could be a yoga asana, mantra, breath practice or kriya that you practice for 21 days. 

The second sessionis a 30 minute follow up 21-30 days after your first reading to check in and see how your 21 day practice went, offer additional practices,  and answer any questions you have.


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Mini-Reading or 
Follow up/Transit Reading

Mini: An introduction to your natal chart where you will receive your sun, moon and rising signs. You will also receive your current Dasha period.

Follow Up Transit: This is for clients who already had a full reading and want a follow up session for further clarification, questions about a speciic area of life, current transits or upayas (practices).

45-60 minutes