Meditation Cushions

& Malas 

Having a comfortable seat helps when meditating! 

AWAKE Cushions

These cushions were hand made in Rishikesh, Inda. I filled them with myself with buckwheat hulls while chanting a Lakshmi mantra for abundance. They have an outer layer so that you can take it off and wash when needed. 

Price $50 If Local (I Will Hand Deliver)

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       $75 if outside of Sacramento area 

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Chakra Meditation Kit

Includes Cushion, Hand-Made Mala that has been dipped in the Ganges River in India, Incense & Diety all related to the specific chakra you are targeting. 

You also receive information card about the Chakra, a mantra to chant and I will schedule a video call to give you instructions on how to do a japa mala practice (chanting with a mala).

1st Chakra: Grounding

2nd Chakra: Creativity

3rd Chakra: Empowerment

4th Chakra: Compassion

5th Chakra: Truth

6th Chakra: Intuition

Price $188 (Includes shipping)

        $163 if local (will hand deliver to doorstep)

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This is That:Patanjali's Yoga Sutras Padas 1 and 2

My favorite translation of the Yoga Sutras, by my teacher Anand Mehrotra

$30 Includes Cost of Shipping




Garnets inspire love and devotion. They bring courage and hope. They balance energy and bring serenity or passion as appropriate. Good for the lungs. 

$88 Includes Shipping

Sandalwood is paired with many of the malas and carries a wonderful calming energy that aids in relaxation


All malas were hand crafted in Rishikesh, India and dipped in the Ganges River for blessings. 

*the crystal garnet mala was made by a local artist in Folsom, CA



Rhodinite (pink) with Sandalwood: For compassion and emotional balance. Clears emotional wounds.Nurtures love and heart opening. 

Smoky Quartz (white) with sandalwood: Neutrslizes negative energy. Detoxifying on all levels. Dispenses fears and emotionally calming. Relieves  stress and good for the digestive system. 

$88 Includes Shipping


Sodalite with Sandalwood:

Good for aligning to your intuition & trusting yourself.  Calms anxiety. Boosts immune system. 

Turquoise with Sandalwood:

A healing stone for good health and abundance. Clears the path for higher consciousness.

$88 Includes Shipping


Crystal with Sandalwood: Crystal is healing stone that amplifies energy or intention. It protects against negativity and helps one attune to their higher self. 

Crystal with Rose Quartz: Rose quartz restores harmony in relationships and promotes self love. 

$88 Includes Shipping