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What's Your Ruling Planet

We all come into this life with different Karma. Karma represents our gifts and our burdens. As we evolve we become aware of our Karma (aka conditioned patterns) and are able to move into Karma Yoga: shifting from conditioning (suffering) into conscious awareness (freedom).

You can see someone's Karma in their Natal Astrology Chart - their potential gifts and their potential challenges.

And part of this is YOUR RULING PLANET which is deermined by your RISING SIGN.

Your Rising Sign is the sign that was on the the Eastern Horizon at the time of your birth and it is a big part of who you are in this lifetime.

The planet that rules your rising sign also shapes your personality. And where that planet lands in your chart (meaning what house it is in) is meaningful as well.

I am an Aquarius Rising so my Ruling Planet is Saturn. Saturn is a slow moving planet that is big and light. Saturn represents hard work, discipline and evolution. It can seem like a "scary" planet because the call of Saturn is to transform - it is a teacher that "wakes you up" and forces your to change, even when you don't want to. But the cool thing about Saturn is that when it is realized it lands in your heart!

I used to be envious of people who were happy go lucky and bubbly - I wanted to be that....but after seeing my Astrology I understand that I have to let go of looking out and envying others and truly focus on who I am - honoring my unique journey.

I think we all do! If we could just love and accept ourselves fully life would be so much easier, don't you think?


So what is your RULING PLANET?

If you aren't sure what your ruling sign is (in Vedic Astrology) reply back to this email with your time, date & place of birth and I will tell you (or look it up on a vedic astrology app - I love Cosmic Insights)


SATURN is the planet of the 1st (root) & 6th (third eye) Chakras and represents hard work, discipline, responsibility, evolution and transformation

TAURUS & LIBRA are ruled by VENUS

VENUS is the planet of the 4th Chakra (the heart) & represents love, beauty, the arts, sacred ritual, self care and self love.

ARIES & SCORPIO are ruled by MARS

MARS if the planet of the 3rd Chakra (naval center) & is very firey. It represents action, passion, energy and adventure.


MERCURY is the planet of the 5th Chakra (throat) & represents communication in all forms. It is the messenger & the power of your word.


JUPITER rules the 2nd Chakra and is a supportive, gentle energy that brings expansion and joy.

LEO is ruled by the SUN

The SUN & MOON channels move along the spine and meet at the 3rd Eye. The Sun is bright, energetic, clear, courageous and action-oriented.

CANCER is ruled by the MOON

The moon is the feminine, the receptive, the ability to be in the flow and deeply intuitive.

These are the "higher values" of the planets and as astrologers we help you to understand how to work with the energy of the planets to align to these "higher" values. For example, the brightness of the SUN is amazing, but sometimes the intensity is too much. So if you have a lot of SUN energy in your chart I would share practices you could to to cool the energy.

The power of astrology is that it helps us to understand and have compassion for ourselves so we can move in the direction of EVOLUTION & ultimately FREEDOM

Want more?

Schedule a reading with me or join the breathwork training to learn how work with your energy via your breath!

Love, Anjali

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