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What Manifestation Truly Looks Like...

Oh my friends, you never know where life is going to take you. I think so many of us come to the spiritual path to feel good, feel safe, find meaning and live our dharma (our purpose).

It is a wild ride and it takes a whole lot of strength to stay the course! Our mind/ego may have an idea of how we are meant to serve and share, but that often isn't how it shows up if you are truly aligning to the call of nature.

We are all meant to serve!!! We are all meant to share! But how that looks for each one of us is different.

I had an idea of how I was meant to serve - and I still do - but how that is showing up in my life is VERY different than how I thought it would show up.

We all have an idea of what a spiritual life looks like - but the thing is - we have to let go of the idea of the mind - and when we do that the UNEXPECTED, MAGIC happens.

I am flowing with the river current fully now...yes, I was "kickin' and screaming", trying to resist the flow - for I wanted it to look a certain way. But when you are truly in the flow, you can't control the current.

And that my friends is the magic of manifestation - we can't say we want to manifest a specific thing and then try to control how our manifestation arises - we have to surrender and allow ourselves to be carried to magical places we never anticipated.

Here's to you "flowing" with ease!

All my love, Anjali

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