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Video: How to Release Your Conditioned Self and Align with Your Authenticity

In this Kriya-based practice, we will be aligning to the energy of Shiva within you. Shiva is a deity that represents waking up to your authentic self, your true nature. Invoking Shiva helps you to release any conditioned patterns that aren't serving you - letting go of the false self - so that you can step more fully into your gifts.

Shiva is connected to our first and sixth chakras. The first chakra is related to stability, and your sense of security while the sixth chakra is your seat of intuition, your inner wisdom and inner knowing.

This is a mantra-based Kriya, which means there will be some chanting involved; and anytime that you chant, or anytime you use your voice, you're also working on the 5th chakra, which is related to speaking your truth.

May you find stability, connect to your inner knowing and your authentic truth.

All my love,


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