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I have been a therapist for 30 years and a licensed psychologist for 24. In all of those years I have seen lots of people. Mostly great people like you...and the main reason they came in?

They wanted to be happy!

Yup it's that simple. We all want be happy, to feel connected and to feel loved.

And most of us are looking to others for that. Now don't get me wrong, relationships are super important and it is important to feel loved, but it is also important to create an inner enviornment of safety and love.

How do we do that?

We start recognizing the patterns that are preventing self-love from happening. When we treat ourselves like sh$% we feel like sh$%.

When we treat ourselves well, we start feeling better.

But the thing is this...change doesn't happen overnight. It happens in small, consistent steps. There are no QUICK FIXES my friends. And if you find a QUICK FIX it may last for awhile, but eventually it will stop working and you will be onto your next QUICK FIX.

So let go of the idea of a "quick fix" and step onto the path of consistency and compassion. "The greatest change happens in an enviornment of compassion" and it is up to you to create that. Start by making small decisions every day to show up for yourself, treat yourself with respect and forgive yourself when you don't. These small things will have a huge impact over time!

How do I know? Not only from working with others, but from my own journey of shifting long-standing self-hatred patterning.

So if you ar ready to shift your patterns and activate your "LOVE muscle" schedule a Holistic Therapy session with more about them below

Holistic Therapy Sessions:

∙These sessions are a place for you to focus on you! It is a place for you to grow awareness and receive support.

∙Together we will identify patterns that aren't serving you,

understand why those patterns came about and have compassion for yourself (rather than frustration and anger).

∙From this understanding and compassion you can begin to make changes.

∙These changes are small at first - but CONSISTENT!

∙Most people don't like to be witnessed (or to witness themselves) for fear of judgment. But these sessions aren't about judging you or fixing you. They are about seeing you!!! And supporting you in making the changes you want to make!

∙The greatest growth happens in an enviornment of compassion and therapy is about cultivating that environment within and without!

Some people see me every week, others see me every other week or once a month. It is up to you.

Types of things I can help with: Relationship issues, Addictive patterning, Depression, Anxiety, Trauma, Setting Boundaries, Increasing self love, Spritiual growth and more....

Are you ready to commit to yourself?

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