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MANIFESTING May Not BRING What You Expect!

When I started my full time job 6 months ago I had massive resistance. It wasn't what I thought I should be manifesting and I felt like a failure.

I knew with every fiber of my being that I was meant to take this job but I couldn't understand why.

I had been wanting to let go of being a psychologist for years - and yet here I was in a full time job being a psychologist - a very intense job at that.

Wasn't I supposed to be teaching yoga full time? Why had I spent so many years studying and practicing yoga just to let it all go.

But here I am 6 months later in total joy and ease.

It has been so awesome to let go of teaching yoga...And even more awesome to not have to market myself or my programs any longer. It takes the pressure off...

The financial stability of a job is very grounding, especially after 25 years of having my own business.

And this grounding gives me the freedom to work with you from a muh more heart-centered space.

If you are wanting to align to more ease and understanding of your life's path schedule an Astrology Reading, Meditation Mentorship or Therapy session.


The reason I am sharing my story is becasue it may inspire you to keep going and never give up on yourself - to stay open to what comes your way - and trust the unfolding of it all.

The path of manifesting your dreams doesn't always happen in the way you expect. And what you manifest may look completely different than you thought it would look.

But if you surrender and let go you might actually find joy in the most unexpected places.

All my Love, Anjali

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