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LOVE is all we need

I turn 55 on Sunday and what have I learned in all those years? 

LOVE is all we need!

As many of you know I’ve been a therapist for the last 30 years. And in those years I have heard thousands of stories - some that stick with me and some that fall away - but I can honestly say that it was a great honor to hear each & every story. I have learned so much over the years and ... 

realize that my role was that of a WITNESS... 

It’s so important for our VOICES TO BE HEARD, our STORIES TO BE TOLD, and to have others WITNESS OUR JOURNEY. For it is in the witnessing that we feel seen, understood, and realize that we matter, and that we aren't alone. 

I think so many of us, even if we have people in our lives, feel alone - me included. It's been a story that that I've had for many years - and one I am ready to shed.

 In the spiritual world it is said that the feeling of being alone is common - it is an illusion that you can shed when you open your heart to the DIVINE. You realize that you area always CONNECTED and you can hold onto that, even in moments where you may feel alone and separate. 

This idea of connecting to the DIVINE within and without was always a desire of mine. It led me to the spiritual path when I was 27, to yoga when I was 40 and to India when I was 47 - I thought when I had that Divine connecction I wouldn't feel alone anymore.... 

But as amazing as the experiences of Cosmic Consciousness were, they weren't enough - at least for me. We live in these physical bodies, in this 3-D reality and experiencing LOVE on this physical plane, in relationship is important - and needed!!! 

So, that is my goal for the rest of my existence on this planet - to experiene more LOVE and to open my heart to CONNECTION and RECEIVING. 

Like I said earlier, my life has been that of a witness (and it still is) - it brings me joy to hear others stories, to play a part in someone's journey...what a gift!

but I also realize it's time for me to SHED my story of being only the witness and to create my own story of LOVE.... 

How about you? What are you opening to in the coming year?

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