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How This Week's Solar Eclipse Will Impact Your Energy

Updated: Feb 13, 2022

The Solar Eclipse is Coming....

Are you ready for growth, inner transformation and breakthroughs?

This Thursday, June 10 brings us a Solar Eclipse ~ and I would love for you to join me for an evening of breathwork and kriya practices to harness the energy of this cosmic event (details below for this free event)!

So what will the energy of this Solar Eclipse bring and how will it impact us?

What I have learned over the last few months of doing vedic astrology readings is that while there is so much detail that you can get into when reading someone’s chart or analyzing what is happening astrologically, the most powerful readings tend to happen when I keep it “simple." So that is what I am going to do here as I fill you in.

What is a Solar Eclipse? It is when the sun, moon and earth are in alignment. The moon is between the sun and earth, which means the moon covers the sun and casts a shadow on the earth. This happens during the New (no) Moon phase, also known as Amavasya.

So what is the impact?

It depends on a lot of factors, one being what Nakshashtra it is in (a Nakshashtra is a star cluster). This Thursday's Solar Eclipse is in Mrigshira ~ a small star cluster that is placed partly in Gemini and partly in Taurus ~ and during this eclipse it will be in Taurus according to the Vedic measurment.

Mrigshira means spiritual warrior and the symbol is the deer head, representing running after what we desire or what drives us in life. The deity associated with Mrighsira is Soma, representing spiritual nectar or what nourishes us. These two elements make this eclipse particularly powerful: a great time to strengthen your spiritual “muscle" and a great time to get clear about what nourishes you.

During a Solar eclipse, there is not a lot of light coming from the two illuminaries: the sun and the moon. The energy can feel intense, create confusion, bring change, and trigger anxiety. But it is also a powerful time for growth, inner transformation and breakthroughs. Remember that transformation on the outside (or your physical world) begins with transformation on the inside!

“Eclipse week” is not a great time to take action, even though you might feel that "pull". However, it is a great time to go inward. Why? Because the veil is thinner between the physical world and spiritual world, amplifying the impact of your spiritual practice and intentions for transformation.

So this week consider creating space for self-care, compassion , slowing down, and spiritual practice - a wonderful way to illuminate your light!

Not sure where to begin? Join me Thursday at 6:30pm PST for a FREE live stream meditation to harness the energy of this solar eclipse. It will be 30 minutes of breathwork, mantra and kriya (a combination of breathwork and mantra). ZOOM ID: 936 529 0161


All my love and can't wait to see you Thursday!

One last thing: remember that everything I spoke about above is very general; how the eclipse impacts you specifically depends on what house Taurus rules in your natal chart - if your curious I'd love to do a reading for you. Otherwise see you on Thursday!

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