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Experience "The Drop."

Updated: Feb 13, 2022

I love “The Drop."

What is the drop you ask? It’s something that happens in a Kriya yoga class or meditation. It is my favorite part of teaching and practicing, and it is the reason that I love these practices.

When you are practicing kriya (a practice involving repetitive breath, mantra, and or movement), there can be resistance in the beginning. The mind might be active and there may be a desire to give up. But if you stay, after about two minutes, there’s usually what I like to call “the drop."

It’s hard to describe, but it’s when the entire class gets into a rhythm, a flow, and the energy feels alive ~ like you can go on with the practice forever. There’s a sense of subtle joy that arises in a smile that comes across your face.

What is so cool about this is that, in these moments, you can feel that your brain is lighting up in a whole new way as your whole nervous system stabilizes. This is what we call the flow state. The more that you access the state on a daily basis the more that you can access the state in your life.

Want to experience "The Drop?" Here are 3 Ways:

1. Join me for mini kriya practices on Thursdays at 12pm PT on IG Live. Follow me here.

2. You may also find mini kriya practices here on my blog under the Practices category here.

3. Reach out to schedule a private session. There are kriya sets for everything: empowerment, cultivating joy, balancing the brain, calming anxiety, releasing self-sabotage and many more. I can teach you a set targeted at an area of your life that you want to stabilize or shift. Whenyou practice consistently you will see the shift in yourself! It's like magic.

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