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2 New Moons in March 2022

Updated: Feb 28, 2022

The moon represents the feminine, the intuitive and the ability to flow with what is happening in the moment. The moon is the receptive, the one that absorbs and adjusts. Having strong moon energy is wonderful in that you can be in tune with other people, adapt to the moment, and nurture others. The downside is that you can "take on" (aka absorb) things that aren't yours - which can lead to you feeling exhausted and depleted.

We all have moon energy within us - but how much and how it impacts us depends on various factors. One factor is where the moon is in your Natal Astrology Chart, what sign it is in and if it is conjunct (with) other plants. In my chart, for example, the moon in Leo in the 7th house - with Venus, Mercury and the Sun. That is a lot of friggin' energy for the moon to manage in my house of partnership; so it is important for me to constantly be aware of and work on strengthening the moon within me.

Want to know where the moon is in your chart? Message me and I will tell you what house and what sign it's in or schedule a reading with me to hear what all of it means. (use code "newmoonmood for $30 off this week)

But back to the NEW MOONS THIS MONTH. During a new moon you may feel more inward. It is a great time to connect with yourself, set intentions and engage in sacred rituals with like-minded souls. And we have 2 opportunities to do that this month The first New Moon is on March 2nd. The moon will be in Aquarius (ruled by Saturn) in the Nakshastra (area of the sky) of Shatabisha (ruled by Rahu). This placement can create a sense of confusion, self-negation or loneliness. But on the flip side it can bring immense expansion and healing - the symbol being 100 healers/physicians. So make sure to spend time with others that uplift you; practice yoga, do breathwork and/or meditate; and set your intentions. (Click here to for my Kriya-based Meditation for Bliss).

The 2nd New Moon is on March 31st in Pices (ruled by Jupiter) in the Nakshastra Uttara Bhadrapada (ruled by Saturn). This can bring feelings of aggression out - but also wisdom, self devotion and awakening to the energy of abundance (Lackshmi)....AND WHAT IS SO COOL ABOUT THIS IS THAT BEFORE I EVEN KNEW IT WAS A NEW MOON ON MARCH 31....

I planned to start my workshop "Goddesses of the Upper Triange" on that date AND my plan was to talk about Lackshmi on that night. WHAT?! I love how intuition works - when you work with Moon energy through mediation you start to "wake up" your intuition without even knowing it. And if it can happen for me (with my busy mind) it can happen for you too!!!

So, let's support one another in waking up to our intuitive knowing through practice!!! I would love for you to join me this month for.....

GODDESSES OF THE UPPER TRAINGLE. (once you click link enter "Zuda Yoga" and the workshop will show up)

$30 off Astrology Readings - use code "newmoonmood" if purchase by end of the week (March 4)- reading can be scheduled for any time.

Sending love and as always, leave comments or reach out! I'm always here for you! Love, Anjali

*I use Siderial-Vedic Astrology, not the Western-Tropical system.

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