Mentorships for Yoga Teachers/Healers & Therapy

Let Anjali support you in discovering the best version of who you already are!

Unrolled yoga mat on wooden floor in modern fitness center or at home with big windows and

Mentorships for Yoga Teachers & Healers

If you are ready to take your teaching and offerings to the next level reach out!

Whether it's workshops, privates, trainings, or retreats that you want to offer Anjali can support you in making that happen!


If you are ready to go deeper into your knowledge of yoga & practices beyond the asana Anjali would love to guide you! 

She shares teaching from the Himalayan tradition including: pranayama, kriya, mantra and meditations techniques as well as the "why" behind these practices. 



*price includes printing of manuals for you & recorded videos


If you are ready to make a change in your life Anjali is the therapist for you! She believes that deep down we know what we need to change - but we are either to scared to make that shift or we don't know how. 

Her treatment will focus on helping you understand the patterns you are creating in your life, where those patterns come from and how to shift them!

She has a client-centered approach: meeting you where you are at and pulls tools from somatic healing, spiritual practices, and understanding of self through inner expereince and past/present relationships. 

Anjali has been doing therapy for 30 years and a licensed psychologist for the last 23 years.




$150/session via zoom

$180/session in person