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Anjali teaches Breath, Mantra and Kriya based meditations.

Meditation is an amazing tool for calming the mind, reseting the nervous system and rewiring your brain.

Anjali is here to help you find a practice that works for you and she is committed to supporting you in staying consistent in your meditation practice! 


The 30-Day Meditation Experience:
Individuals or Groups

This is a multi-session package with the intention of you expereincing the impact of a consistent meditation practice!  


Initial Session (60 minutes):  In this session Anjali will spend time getting to know you and what your "why" is for this 30 days. She will give you everything you need to get started on your 30-day transformation including:

how to set up a meditation space, how to sit, when to meditate, etc. 

She will design a meditation practice  specifically for you. She will meditate with you and record the practice for you to practice along with on your 30 day journey .

*You will do text check ins with Anjali daily for accountability and support!

*If you are having trouble showing up for yourself she will meditate via zoom with you!

At the end of your 30 days Anjali will meet with you to discuss the expereince and next steps for continuing your meditation journey. 

Individual price: $388

Price for groups of 2 or more: $208


Single Meditation Sessions:
Individuals & Groups

Needing some inner calm and peace? Schedule a meditation session with Anjali. 

Breath and Mantra Based Meditations

Crystal Bowl Meditation

30 Minute Session

*Anjali will record this session so you can do on your own after the session

Individual Price:


Group Price (more than one):



Learn Japa Mala Meditation

Mantra Meditation is one of the most powerful tools for calming the "busy" mind. 

If you have a mala already and want to learn how to use it to meditate Anjali will teach you - she will choose a mantra that will help you tune into the energy you want to create in your life. 

Anjali also makes malas and when you purchase a mala from her it comes with a free meditation session/free shipping. 

Meditation session: $78

Mala & Session: $200

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