Weekly Yoga Classes at Zuda Yoga in Folsom

Monday's 4:30 pm Himalayan Vinyasa

Tuesday's 6:00 am Himalayan Vinyasa 

Sunday's 10:00 am Himalayan Kundalini

*Monday & Tuesday Classes are live streamed as well as in person 

*Sunday is not heated; Monday & Tuesday minimal heat

*Free offering every Tuesday 5:30 am Puja

Himalayan Kundalini:

This class integrates kriya, breathwork, mantra and movement - the intention is to release stuck energy, heal the body, open the heart and awaken consciousness. 


Himalayan Vinyasa:

This class will have all the traditional elements of a vinyasa class, but with the added elements of breathwork and mantra aimed at energizing and awakening the body, mind and spirit.

Just show up at the time of class or....