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200 HR YTT


is the time & you are 



The past year has been one of 

deep change, disruption and uncertainty. 

Now, more than ever, is the time for 

transformation, expansion and evolution! 

Yoga provides tools that give one a place of inner stability and peace so that no matter what the circumstance you are able to find ease, compassion and empowerment. 

What You Will Learn:

You will walk away from this training knowing how to teach a grounded, 



Dates: October


The focus of this module is for you to deepen your understanding of the physical body so that you can create masterful sequening for a vinyasa class. You will also learn how to create a yin class that feels healing in the body, mind and spirit. 

  • Intelligent sequencing for Vinyasa & Yin

  • Artful use of music

  • Assisting

  • Use of Bhandas in practice

  • How to teach arm balances & inversions safely

  • Anatomy

*Learning format: lecture, creating classes & in-vivo teaching



Dates: January

Presence is one of the most important things when you are teaching. In this module the focus will be on stepping into your voice as a leader and teacher - an opening to your gifts as a teacher and the way that you are meant to share in this world. Your teaching comes from your practice so an element of this module is to cultivate a home practice which includes a morning sadhana (which will include meditation)

You will also learn about: 

  • Holding space

  • Your gifts as a teacher and your edges

  • Reading a room

  • How to teach workshops & privates

  • How to lead a retreat & training

  • Business of yoga - marketing

  • States of Consciousness

  • Meditation

  • Ritual, Sacred Ceremony

  • Understanding your Karma, Dharma & Your Path

  • Yoga as an evolutionary tool (off the mat)

  • Opening to your unique way of sharing the practices.

  • Self-Esteem

  • The Use of Writing in Yoga & Healing

Learning format: Discussion, Writing & Self Reflection. In-vivo teaching. 



Why to do a 300HR YTT?


  • Deepen your practice

  • Expand your knowledge

  • Receive Support 

  • Ignite Inspiration

  • Connect with your peers

  • Enliven your teaching

  • Develop confidence to teach 


This program isn't only about learning, it is about living your yoga! Having experiences that wake you up to your gifts and how your are meant to share. 


If you are ready to show up for yourself and take your teaching to the next level, then this training is for you. You are ready and now is the time! 

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