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Chakra Series!

The Chakra System is a part of the subtle body system. 


In this 6 week series you will learn about what chakras are, and how you can positively impact your life by working with your Chakras.


Each week we will discuss the "Chakra of the Week"

and do a practice that targets that particular Chakra. 

Between sessions you will be doing a daily 15-minute practice that targets that particular Chakra. 


*Meetings will be in-person and via zoom.

*Your daily practice will be recorded so you can follow along on a daily basis. 


Every Thursday 6-7:30 pm

February 25-April 1st

*in-person or via zoom

*all classes are recorded so if you can't

make a class the recording will be sent to you





$200 for the 6 week series

What is Included:

  • In-person or zoom Thursday night sessions

  • Recording of the "Practice of the Week"

  • 30-minute session with Anjali at the end where she will give you a daily practice for the chakra you choose to work on moving forward (if you do the whole series)

  • Chakra Handbook (if you do whole series)

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