Anjali has always been one to follow her Dharma, which to her means following your heart and living from your truth. She did this even before she knew what Dharma meant, and before she had her spiritual awakening at age 27. At that time she had just completed her doctorate in psychology and was working as a legal secretary to make ends meet.  A friend introduced her to meditation and she experienced divine love for the first time. It was such a high and she wanted more. But life took over and she abandoned the spiritual path when she moved to Sacramento for her dream job of working at a college counseling center.


But there was a big hole in her life; she missed having a spiritual connection and community. She dove into her work, seeing many clients at Sacramento State and in her private practice. In her free time she "filled space" with rowing, running and triathlons. She got married, had two kids and told herself she was satisfied. But deep down she knew she something was missing.


At age 40, soon after her divorce, she stepped into her first power vinyasa yoga class. She loved the dynamic movement and when the teacher started playing Krishna Das at the end of class, she was hooked-she had found her spiritual home. She immediately signed up for teacher training and began teaching in 2009. She continued to take additional trainings and opened a studio in 2012. She still didn't understand how yoga was different from self help; she was craving answers and in 2014 they came when she landed in Rishikesh India.

It was on her trips to India where she learned meditation, breathwork, and kriya practices that changed her life. She learned how to work with energy and how to find ease in the "now". In the last 8 years she has shared these practices in classes, workshops, trainings and on retreats. During Covid she learned an additional tool that she now incorporates in her work -Vedic Astrology. 

She tells her students that "you can't teach what you haven't experienced" - which is why how she works with people has dramatially changed over the last 30 years. She not only does traditional talk therapy (which she feels is very useful) - but she also adds in other modalities: somatic work, meditation, breathwork, mantra, astrology, coaching, sound heaing, and yoga.  


When you work with her your exernal world will shift, but more importantly, your internal world will shift. Why is that important? Because when you can cultivate the capacity to be with yourself from a place of compassion you can navigate any situation that comes your way.

*Anjali is spiritual name that came to Anjali in a meditation a few years ago (her Psychology License is under her legal name, Cathy Connors #16017 & you can use your medical savings plan to work with her.


“Anjali has a magnetizing effect on those around her. She lives her life with total integrity and brings extreme authenticity and honesty to her trainings, inspiring the students and people around her.”


My Offerings

If you know you need to make a change in your life, but don’t know how or don’t know where to begin, Dr.Anjali can help. She combines the tools of meditation, yoga and therapy to empower you to create a life that feels in alignment with your truth and your heart. If you want to experience less worry, more ease and more joy in your life reach out! Dr.Anjali is here to support you!


Meditation is one of the most powerful and loving things you can do for yourself! When you give yourself the gift of a consistent, daily meditation practice you will see huge differences in your life including less worry, more joy and increased self-awareness. Dr.Anjali will help you find a meditation practice that works for you and support you in staying consistent. 


Vedic astrology, also kown as Jyotish, is the science of light. In this science we look at the date, time, and place that you were born and what was happening at this time with regard to the planets and stars. This gives us insight into your gifts and challenges in your life over time. Once we look at your chart Dr.Anjali will suggest practices that will support you in your growth.